"I've been coming here for years now and their service is the best! Elias and his crew are so friendly and easy to talk to that they just feel like they are part of your family. They look out for you and you get rewarded in smiles and a much healthier car. They are dependable and are the only ones I would trust ever to do any work on my car."

- Neil M.

San Jose, CA

"Best mechanic ever. I love dealing with Eli. And I feel safe dealing with him. I don't worry that he's trying to rip me off. I've been able to come in with a small issue and be out fast. They get busy (so happy for that) so you really need to make an appointment. If your lucky they can squeeze you in. It's hard to find such amazing services for the right price. But here is the mechanic you've been looking for. Thank you all at E&S for servicing all of my families vehicle with so much care."

- Jenn S.

San Jose, CA

"Elias and his team at E & S are top notch!! I trust his work completely. He is honest and dependable! I'm so grateful to have found this shop! I have been bringing my car and my daughter's car here for the last 7 years and I will never go to another mechanic! Elias has amazing work ethic and completely reliable in every sense of the word!"

- Mia J.

San Jose, CA

"After reading the reviews I took my sons car to E and S. Elias and Marge were very nice. He called and  explained the problem gave me a really good price. I was worried before he quoted me the price, but it was totally reasonable. I will be taking my car here as well."

- Lezlie S.

San Jose, CA

"This is a trustworthy and honest business. I have taken my car here quite a few times since I moved here over two years ago. When I go to the dealer for an oil change, they tell me I need to get this, this, and that fixed and its expensive. I always come to E & S and show them what the dealer told me and they check to verify the repairs. Usually, I don't need it and if I do, they do it at a fraction of what it costs to do at the dealership. Marge is really nice and pleasant. Elias is quite honest. He always shows me the old parts he replaced. I'll be back here real soon again."

- Alex L.

San Jose, CA

"I'm so glad I accidentally found this place. I will forever trust Elias and his team. This team is trustworthy, quick, reasonable and above all good mechanics. Don't look elsewhere!"

- Dennise G.

San Jose, CA

"Great place for your car needs! My Dad has been taking his vehicles there ever since I been 11 years old! And now I take my own vehicles. Really good mechanics and  reasonable price! Thank Elias,Salvador&colleagues for your great work!"

- Jorge P.

San Jose, CA

"This shop is absolutely the best. They are so honest and have fair pricing. Whenever they suggest things that need to get replaced, I am always confident that it is something that actually needs to get done. They will often show me the replaced parts so I can see the cracks or whatnot that was wrong with it. They are super friendly and care about their customers. I once had a problem with my car overheating. Instead of just replacing a bunch of things they took the time to run multiple tests and diagnostics. When that yielded no answer, (as it did at other car shops) instead of guessing what was wrong, they refilled my coolant and asked me to bring it back in 2 weeks or if it started overheating again so they could see what changed. I left and was not charged a thing for half a days work at trying to figure out what was wrong with my car. I brought it back 2 weeks later and they were able to fix it. They are truly there to help you, not to just make money off of you. LOVE THIS PLACE!!"

- Valerie A.

San Jose, CA

"I've brought my Toyota Highlander 03 here several times and they always give me good service. They are very honest in their work and good price too. The owner is very friendly and explains all these auto care terms in simple words that I could understand. He does not take advantage of customers who does not know anything about cars. He also worked on my husbands car because there was something loose and did not charge us. He is exceptional and goes above and beyond!"

- Amag B.

San Jose, CA

"I highly recommend E&S Automotive.  I've been bringing my car to Elias for several years now...the service has been excellent, the prices are fair and his work is prompt.  Because of this great service, I don't mind driving from Milpitas. As with the other reviewers, as a female, I know that I'm not getting the runaround or being overcharged for unnecessary repairs!  They are the best!!!"

- Yolie G.

Milpitas, CA